The world appeared to change dramatically in 2020 with what we may call the “global crisis”.  People’s freedoms have been curtailed for the want of “curbing” an “illness”.  This phenomenon has been likened to other “crises” during the 20th century, such as the Spanish Flu and World War II.  Some people suggest we are now in World War III, potentially a technocratic war which is stripping many of us of our basic human rights – if we let it.  This website is about “awakening” in the broadest possible sense; many people are already spiritually awake / aware and for many of those, the political awakening has simply gone hand in hand as we become aware of how we have been misled, brainwashed and programmed to believe what we believe; from our upbringing, our place in society, our education which steers us to think a certain way.  Is it small wonder that the division that is experienced by many, has become greater?

Through the communication tools that we all share (and lets face it, the reach has also stretched as so many of us are now under a form of “house” or “country” arrest being unable to leave town and in some cases, our houses unless we go in for mass testing which has multiple problems or get double jabbed), we can communicate widely online with people in many different countries.

I decided to start this project to illustrate that human connections will always be formed, we have much to learn from each other and we will and must always continue to keep an open mind.  To that end I will continue talking to people who have much to offer – click here to watch these videos (and more) here.