What to do about the water?

Many awakened souls (and some who are more aware of the false narrative we’ve been taught) are more alert to the quality of the water they drink.  And even if you do believe what your government and mainstream are telling you about our current disease status, many still do believe the water that comes out of our taps is not the best quality.

In cities and towns the water is filtered and recycled through many different orifices and so it stands to reason that many people have resorted to water filters made by many well known manufacturers, Brita being the main one that I’d come across and had for many years.

The latest scare is if you are someone who would rather hold off from being va((inated until the human trials are complete you cannot guarantee that vaccine fall out may be in your water, either through va((inated individuals or general waste materials.  See this video for more information: https://vernoncoleman.org/videos/your-drinking-water-contaminated-vaccines

When I became aware of the false narrative sweeping the globe I began to look for other ways of filtering the water; I bought a “zero water” jug and it comes with a TDS meter with which you can test your water before and after filtration.  It was high before, and even registered a reading after filtering with my original Brita water filter, but with the “zero water” filter it really did register zero!

You can buy one here and if you use this link you get a discount and I get a free water filter! What’s not to like?


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