What is actually happening? Below I have written about my personal perspective which showcases links from professionals – bear in mind much of their work has become censored, shadowbanned, dismissed as conspiratorial.  It appears we are unable to have a mainstream healthy debate on both sides of the issue.

Symptoms can range from a variety of factors – people with colds were getting tested.  The virus itself was never isolated; (fullfact.org denies this of course as the accepted narrative is that it “doesn’t matter”) there may have been a few more deaths this past year (but not necessarily CVD related since it has a 99.7% survival rate); the previous year there were fewer- but that can be a normal symptom of life / death (not to mention allowing for annual population growth – a good year followed by a not so good year. etc.

There are enough factors that would challenge even the most zealous pro-narrative individual.  And where are the “healthy debates” on both sides?  Strangely absent from the mainstream.  Doesn’t that inspire you to “smell a rat”? Follow the money, watch the “control” and manipulation.  “I know someone who died of it” – do you know this to be STRICTLY TRUE?  Maybe you know someone who had underlying issues who died of a complication which may have been this virus, but it wasn’t the dominant cause – although with a weakened immune system it may well have tragically finished that person off.  This is not to dispute the loss, the bereavement which, no matter how you look at it, is desperately sad – but the real scandal is how the global government is misusing these diagnoses to fuel a cause; driving the push towards a one-world government and new totalitarian world order designed to keep us under control.

If you are still watching the mainstream news, you will probably find that from an illness perspective things still make “some sort of sense” but the rules surrounding it make none whatsoever.  A virus can travel through any little homemade mask or NHS “blue” version (and it is even marked on the boxes that contain the masks that it won’t protect you); a virus can get you at 30 feet so 6 feet (2 metres) has no significant value.  Why are many people “allowed” in supermarkets to shop yet until a certain date were unable to get their hair cut?

What is essential anyway – for many their business is essential, it brings an income and enables them to eat.  Is the government bankrupt?  So many things don’t add up it’s a wonder that more people don’t research what is going on and thus far I’m on the tip of the iceberg.  Why are doctors censored from speaking out?  Mainly because they’d lose their job if they did; so what kind of society do you want to live in? One where freedom of speech is censored and if you speak out against it you are an “anti – ” or a “- denier”.  That’s hardly free speech if we experience judgement and divisive behaviour – perhaps you can see how far the programming goes…

Are you looking for answers? Trying to understand the world and what is actually going on?

This past year has magnified these experiences as I awoke to a world I didn’t recognise and have been cut off from those who are hypnotised by the mainstream narrative or you might even refer to it as MKULTRA, supposedly a “programme” that ended back in the 1980s but clearly hasn’t as many subscribe to a world that they think they want to replace the world we thought we lived in. Waiting for permission to mask, de mask, take an experimental medical intervention all in the name of “getting our life back”.  Hug your family on this date but not before…

People being criticised for getting “it” and criticised for not getting “it”.  Perfectly well people being tested for a “deadly” (ahem) disease they don’t even know they have creating a casedemic.  When did the subject of a medical intervention become so fascinating on social media, or watching celebrities getting theirs (an illness with a rate of recovery of 99.7% and with perfectly satisfactory and available cheap treatments such as Ivermectin and homemade hydroxychloroquine?)  An experiment that has seen thousands of adverse reactions due to last until January 2023?

And now it has been announced that the injectable does not prevent transmission nor infection – so why the medical intervention for a virus that has a 99.8% survival and an average age of death of a victim at 82 years when the average life span is 81 years? Are you questioning yet?

How are they actually “testing” for the variants, and why does Dr Mike Yeadon maintain that 99% of variants are pretty much the same?  Why are the double jabbed getting sick?  Why are they coming for our children despite saying earlier that children are pretty much immune and not at risk of “passing it on?”  Why did they suggest masks are not warranted then take a u-turn saying they were?  Why did they suggest lockdowns don’t work then instigate one?  Why are businesses going bust, people dying through midazolam use in the care homes, people dying through suicide, domestic violence and abuse, elective operations being cancelled, why is mental ill health on the rise?  All by products of global governance handling of this situation.

We can be the master of our own universe, there is no need for absolute suffering; we can find peace and manifest a happier life.

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