Test your knowledge about C-19 – click here

Test your knowledge about the vxs – click here

Astrazenica vx fact sheet

Pfizer vx fact sheet

No Jab for me – a page substantiated with links explains what is happening

Dr Mike Yeadon talks about the C-V-D on Planet Lockdown (57 minutes long)

Mark Devlin talks to Michael O’Bernicia about the latest on the court case, sabotage and criminal proceedings

Here are Mark Devlin’s latest reflections; also discussing the prosecution that the Bernician is bringing against members of the UK government

A website seeking solutions – you can sign up for updates.

Solutions for letters to hospitals, GP surgeries, to your family should you not wish to be jabbed. (website: https://miriaf.co.uk)

Above website with the “categories” we may find ourselves in (click here)  Note in particular the author’s paragraphs:

Group A recognise The Great Reset as a thinly veiled attempt to revolutionise global culture into a system of technocratic totalitarianism. Group B accept the alleged pandemic at face value. They see a threat to life and every removal of freedom is a temporary inconvenience advised by sincere and benevolent experts. When you speak of totalitarianism to Group B, it sounds kooky:

The alleged pandemic is alive in their minds, they see it every day. Total state control exists in the imagination. It is yet to reach full throttle. The incremental steps towards a despotic future have been sold to us as voluntary guidelines.

Group B care about themselves and each other and you and me. An overzealous police service enforcing rules with violence and extortion is justifiable when you believe that breaking rules places the public in danger. A Medical Apartheid keeping dangerous people away from the public appears somewhat preferable; freedom passports, unhealthy masks and humiliating rituals imposed by shops and services are mere precautions, not insidious techniques of social engineering.”

Claire Edwards – The Genocide of 2020 – summed up in 20 minutes

An article by Mike Yeadon, 10 May 2021“Why are we being lied to about Covid? There’s no good reason”

Follow the money – a video exposing who owns what, who runs what and what we can expect in our future unless we create a new vision of a world that we want.  We can stop this if we raise our consciousness and vibrations to create a new world.  We are many, they are few.

Solutions for the spike protein transmission – to help with people who might be suffering from those around them who’ve had the intervention. Click here for information about pine tea.  Click here for the main site.

Pure Pathogenics: Solutions to help with long standing health issues.

Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Tragedy of India: Pfizer, “Mahatma” Gandhi, Beggars, & Bullshit.

Tanya Squires writes eloquently about the situation as she sees it

Often called a “conspiracy website” but contains more truth than you may feel comfortable with

Adrian from for the love of truth carries out regular interviews with people who have recovered from many illnesses, diagnoses and mental health issues – take a look!

Dr Sam Bailey is a favourite mine; she does regular interviews (short ones too) on our current situation, helping to educate us in the area of viruses, effective medications, testing and much more.

What do you know about viruses and exosomes?

Martin Geddes talking about the horror that pervades life right now …. IMPORTANT READ! Including 8 ways in which an MRna vax can kill you.