Current Realities

In the grand scheme of news unfolding, Prof Peter McCullough believes that the vaccines are driving the new variants, which is what the “Conspiracy Theorists” were pointing out some years ago.  Diana Lenska reported last year that the “pandemics” and the eradication of coronaviruses was never going to end – naturally a scenario debunked by

Doctors Speak

Many people who have woken up to the tyranny that appears to have taken over the world often face derision, criticism and alienation when they attempt to warn others about what is actually happening.  After all, David Icke is a prime example, especially when he was ridiculed on the Terry Wogan show .  Yet much of

Am I a conspiracy theorist? What does that make you?

Something wasn’t right Declaration CV19 not a HCID 19 March : Lockdown 23 March One day walking normally Next day leaping aside fellow citizens Avoiding “exposure” Pretending we’re all sick Munchausens by Proxy (look it up) We’ll only get “back to normal” when we have a vax Hospitals empty, hospitals full, people filming :