The Indian Variant … Freedom Of Informations … blood transfusions

The news, which I now do my best to avoid, seems to be giving the mainstream followers a run for their money.  On the one hand I hear there’s a new variant, more deadly than the last (see how we’re constantly being kept in suspense, fear of the future or waiting for the future to work out so we can enjoy the present) and on the other I hear that people in India are saying that shops are open as normal and hospitals are empty.  There was one person that said they had family who’d had Covid-19.  A repeat of last year in the UK perhaps.  Common sense versus mainstream panic but hear this …. we CARE but if you’re not seeing information that gives you ALL the information then you are being misled through truth economics.

We see that the Indian government is wanting to sue the UK government’s media for this “misinformation”.

You can find the full article here:

In other news we are advised that those who’ve been vaccinated are unable to give blood, but then I go onto the website mentioned to find that they can, but it depends on the manufacturer, if you have taken that piece of information from the centre.  Ambiguous news items constantly flooding our mainstream.

I also was looking at vx efficiency, this article claims that the vax only has a 1.3% efficiency rate… so this article is worth a read to find out more.

On another note I am getting information via FOI requests that tell us how many people died “solely” of Covid-19 during the whole of 2020 (or at least February – December 2020).  In the Gloucestershire hospitals the grand total was 28.  In Royal Berkshire hospital, the total was 24.  In Swindon (GWH) they would only give information regarding the number of deaths within 28 days of a positive test (300).  When questioned about “solely with Covid” they asked whether I meant: just patients who died within 28 days of a positive COVID test, or all patients?  Or  just patients who died whilst in the Great Western Hospital, or those that died after discharge (please note that we may not hold accurate information for the latter cohort of patients).  They go on to say death certificates do not define someone who died solely of COVID.  For example, a patient’s death certificate may read:

1a Multi-Organ Failure. 1b COVID-19 Or: 1a HAP. 1b Covid-19.

(HAP stands for Hospital Acquired Pneumonia).

I wrote back to say that it sounds like no one died solely of Covid-19 and if they could write back to confirm this – to which I have no reply to date (from 19th May).

It may be that we can safely also conclude that hospitals are not healthy places to be in.

Continue to question everything and stay safe from truth economics.


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