Struggles close to home

When I think back to March 2020 and the realisation that things seemed odd, I was unprepared for the tsunami of fear that prevailed among those close to me.  Until I began researching and reading widely that a) the “virus” was downgraded on March 19, 4 days before the first lockdown was announced and b) government minutes talked about “increasing the fear” among the populus.

The government paid psychologists achieved this very successfully.  Here we are, nearly two years later and when the government says “jump” about 2/3rds of the population jumped. Now at the time of writing the UK Government has said that all restrictions will be lifted on Wednesday 26 January.  I’m curious as to what this is covering up and also how many people will still continue to follow the previous guidelines.

We now face a perceived division among the population, those who have been taken in by the government lies and deception and fear for their lives; those who are relatively sensible and grounded – perhaps believing there is a deadly virus / believe there are normal commonplace cold and flu viruses (there’s even a division there) but remaining grounded and lastly those who do not give two hoots about anything or anyone.  The major problem is people joining dots that make no sense in order to make it fixed a type of “boxed” thinking that tallies what their education has taught them (i.e. vaccines save lives for example – see Dr Suzanne Humphries about the history of vaccinations and the illusions we have accepted into society) – denounced, of course – despite evidential data – as an anti v-x-e-r  and possible conspiracy theorist. Doesn’t that latter fact ever cause people to question what they’ve been taught?

Also please note that a total of 6183 people appear to have died “purely” of this illness as cited in UK Government statistics – click here to see that document.

There are midway grounds between all of this thinking of course.

Firstly the supposed “virus” was not actually isolated and purified in accordance with Koch’s Postulates which works as follows:

  • The bacteria must be present in every case of the disease.
  • The bacteria must be isolated from the host with the disease and grown in pure culture.
  • The specific disease must be reproduced when a pure culture of the bacteria is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host.
  • The bacteria must be recoverable from the experimentally infected host.

Interesting that Dr Mercola claims that the v-i-r-u-s was isolated.  Click this link if you would like to read more.

See this CDC document, currently on p41 which states “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”Here is a relatively good explanation (click the link) that explains it better than I can.

As Mike Adams (of Mike Adams News) writes: “there’s no such thing as a real, physical, isolated covid-19 virus that has been harvested from sick people and shown to infect other people and make them sick. What we’re really witnessing here, it now seems, is three distinct things:

1) A cocktail of common cold viruses labeled “covid” which are circulating and causing sickness in some people, most likely because of the lack of immune system exposure to wild type viruses during all the global lockdowns.

2) A weaponized spike protein toxic nanoparticle that’s being injected into people as a “clot shot” … and it’s likely shedding, causing harmful side effects in other, unvaccinated people.

3) A wholly fraudulent PCR “casedemic” scheme that’s designed to flag almost anyone as “positive” based almost entirely on how many cycles the PCR sample prep instruments are instructed to carry out, thereby amplifying instrument noise to the point of a “positive” hit. Almost anything can be flagged as “positive,” including genetic material fragments from previous years’ flu shots.”

However the MAJOR problem is the amount of debunking of these facts by paid fact checkers – paid by the people who are keen on furthering this plandemic.  I dare say some of my medical friends and family will have an argument here and to hear their perspective with cross referencing would be interesting as a good discussion among medical professionals both pro and against the narrative seems to be woefully absent.

I am NOT saying that people have been unwell, one cannot deny that – people get colds and flu every year, for some it goes onto their chests, lungs etc (as happened to me some years ago).  But if the diagnoses are not accurate we simply have CASES and people dying WITH whatever it is rather than OF whatever it is.

The problem also comes when people are so divided on these issues that friends and family are falling out with each other due to the extent of the infiltration of inaccurate information at source; here we are several months down the line with TWO accepted conditions which do not deny that people have been ill.

  1. There is a pandemic
  2. There is a PLANdemic

There are of course a great number of health professionals who speak either for or against the pan/plandemic. There are doctors who KNOW that vaccines cause injury but to speak out would cost them their job [click the link].  There are doctors who have left the medical profession KNOWING what they know but who may still not speak out.  There are people who have spoken out and who have lost their lives because they are speaking counter to the main narrative.   Here’s a whistleblower speaking out – note his voice and appearance have been disguised to protect.  [click the link]

People have DIED as a result of the vaccination.  People have DIED due to the excessive use of Midazolam – a Liverpool Care Pathway drug used during the peak of the deaths during April / May last year.  The average Joe on the computer may not see this because things have been up on the internet and then taken down or “hidden” or worse still “fact checked” by the opinionated, paid by the major elite players fact checkers.  Here I include the majority of mainstream media, Reuters,, and many more.  Look at the funding behind all of those organisations.

Attempting to point this out to those in camp 1, the indoctrinated and utterly taken in by government propaganda often results in anger towards those who are literally threatening their “knowledge” as they see it; pointed out by people who’ve been vaccinated who believe that the un-vaccinated are a danger to them.  There is no logic.

Every year up until 2020 we would acquire colds and flu; not everyone got the same cold nor the same flu but if we did, we took care of ourselves and took care to keep away from people whilst we were ill. i.e. we took responsibility for ourselves.  Now we need to be told to stay home, take test after test (further filling the pockets of the elites) and yet no one really knows what is being used in that test (ethylene glycol is used as a sterilising agent which is known to be carcinogenic), wear useless masks that are utterly unable to stop a virus but can contribute to hypoxia and breathing in ones own carbon dioxide, and if we want to go out night clubbing or travel abroad we need a government injectable that doesn’t work, so we need another injectable, which allegedly reduces our chances of  “long covid” – a renamed “post viral fatigue” that sometimes people get after being ill.  But we don’t really know that this is true because the injectable is still in Phase III trials – due to complete in early 2023 for some of these.  What we do also know is that there have been at least 1800 deaths – and rising – and yet only 10% of those “adverse reactions” ever get recorded. 

What I’m pointing out are the anomalies in all that has been going on since March 2020.

Here’s Pat Cash talking about his mother.

Tell me something, why are there so many lawsuits now going on to stop these deadly vaccinations?  Why are there lawsuits claiming the PCR tests prove nothing?  Why did Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test die suddenly in August 2019?  Why are doctors calling for the immediate cessation of the vaccine programme?

So I have several questions that need to be answered if you’re a believer:

1. was the virus isolated and thus proven to exist  (it is allegedly a computer generated genomic sequence – said to be sufficient to prove that it exists to the narrative followers)
2. do the PCR tests prove you are ill with Covid 19 / Sars cov 2 (answer no because of the first point and many have no symptoms)
3. do lockdowns work? (answer no, the WHO said that initially)
4. does the latest “variant” prove we need to revert to mask wearing and social distancing? (answer no, the virus can travel through a home made mask easily and social distancing would need to be 30 feet or more to truly protect – thus somewhat impossible)
5. does the vaccine protect you from being infected or transmitting a virus, whatever that virus is?  (answer no – some say it prevents long covid or death but how can you prove that unless you have a doppelganger)
6. Is the vaccine safe and effective?  (they said it was 95% effective, but that is relative efficacy; absolute efficacy is less than 2%). 
7. Is the vaccine licensed and has it been effectively tested? (no; the vaccine is still in clinical trials until 2023 at the earliest and is licensed for emergency use only).
8. Do masks work and do they protect others?  It is superficial protection, they cannot stop a virus due to the microscopic size of a virus.  They may prevent you coughing and spluttering over another person (but most decent human beings would turn away if they coughed or sneezed nearby); masks can actually cause damage and lead to you breathing in your own stale exhaled carbon dioxide at dangerous levels if left on for longer than FIVE minutes (or less if you check this video out).
9. Are people dying of covid-19? The figures show, pre vaccination, the survival rate was listed at a 99.4-8%.  Evidence also shows a mangling of the data to inflate the figures – people dying with covid 19 were actually dying of what they would normally be dying of (I’m not making light of the sadness/tragic nature); i.e. heart disease, alzheimers, cancers, not to mention all the missed diagnoses and cancer operations).  They didn’t test then suddenly there is testing round the clock.
10. Lastly perhaps we can agree; we need to look after ourselves and our fellow man, we need TRUE informed consent about the vaccines and WHY are there so many doctors, including the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr Robert Malone, speaking out AGAINST vaccination?  click the link to hear him talking with Matthias Desmet on the subject Mass Formation (a bit like mass hypnosis or crowd psychosis)

Maybe if someone can actually dispute what I say about with facts, figures and references I am prepared to have my mind changed.

But in the meantime, bodily autonomy and freedom is a choice and should not be stopping people from living if they choose to not take part in a global experiment that seems set up to divide and prevent from taking part in normal daily life.   It stops people from meeting their friends and family, the only question on everyone’s lips is “have you had your jab yet?” and then judging those who have and those who haven’t.  We never had this with the flu jab…. and what has happened to flu in 2020 and 2021?  Funny how it’s disappeared again.

And now the biggest threat we face is mass censorship with much of the scientific data being suppressed and checked by fact checkers such as and reuters etc. who are all paid by the main perpetrators.  Sounds like a conspiracy?  Well you choose.  If you do the research without going beyond the fact checkers then you will see ONE side only.  If there is only ONE side, why the mass protests around the world?

The biggest problem I see is the introduction of a One World Government, totalitarian bureaucracy and the need to have us all jabbed and implanted with a chip so that we can have our every move tracked.  We’re not far off that already – that cannot be denied.

Let’s get back to whatever normal we can, hug one another and live our lives instead of conforming to this mass hypnotic state that is a psychological state known as mass formation.  We can make 2022 a better year, simply by following OUR own intuition rather that the one imposed upon us by global governments.

Delta Omicron – an anagram of Media Control.


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