People I follow

Here is a list of the people that I’ve followed since my awakening journey; I’ve also followed a few others but due to the nature of the content which  may not be suitable for everyone, I’ve included my favourites.  All of them have a video presence as well; many of them have Patreon sites where you pay a small monthly subscription and get access to live content which can be extremely helpful when experiencing difficult ascension symptoms.

Janet Ossebaard (Fall of the Cabal) -> helped me to awaken; exercise caution if you watch
Lorie Ladd
Tim Whild
Michelle Fielding
Jason Shurka
Damian Wynne
Unity News Network
UK Column
The Bernician
The Freedom Cycle
Vernon Coleman for all things medical, including masks and vaxes.

In addition here are some great youtube clips that can help with your meditation; check the frequencies as different frequencies can have a very different effect!

The Love Frequency

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