On Masks

The mainstream narrative will tell you that masks protect you and your fellow man from transmitting coronavirus (or SARS-COV2).  Wearing a mask is a symbol that tells them that you *care*, right?

There is a split narrative on this subject.

Firstly masks were made “mandatory” in the summer of 2020 when there were barely any cases (and that’s if you believe SARS-COV2 exists – but the virus itself was never isolated (click the link to find out more).  Mandatory does not mean you are obliged to wear a face covering and you can lawfully exempt yourself from wearing one for many reasons; and no one is permitted to ask you why as that is against the Equality Act.  No one appears to have a definition as to what “medically exempt” actually means, but it doesn’t matter as the government has it covered.

But the guidance from the government appears to be very clear on the fact that wearing a mask prevents droplets from your face being breathed in from another person.

And the guidance from scientists (that aren’t funded by nefarious governmental projects) is that face masks make absolutely no difference.  Certain cloth masks fibres are so wide as to let any airborne virus (if that’s what it is) in due to the microscopic nature of the virus.

This website very comprehensively discusses scientific evidence from multiple sites, claiming that face masks do very little, in fact they probably do more harm than good.  To summarise, see the image below.

It may well appear to many that face masks are nothing to do with our health at all, but a symbol of compliance.

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