May 2021

Just an update from me and how things are going in my world; despite me researching evidence to support the fact that this whole “pandemic” is not what it appears on the surface, still many people are fearful and this makes me very cross with governments, global governments etc.  I don’t doubt there has been a virus going round, just as viruses go round on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.  I know at least 6 people who have had a virus that follows some of what the main description is; very painful chest, coughing, feeling generally very ill.  Through effective treatment they all got better.

Some were taken into hospital for something else, then acquired a virus and it finished them off, so it wasn’t the “primary” cause of death; in other words they were already weakened through ill health.  None of these happenings are a reason to lockdown entire societies, drive businesses to economic collapse and cause poverty, domestic abuse due to being locked down in houses with people who do not value their loved ones, mental health and increase in suicides.  The thing is that the global governments must know that this would be likely to happen!  The government is also bankrupt yet is bankrolling furlough, supporting companies when clearly there is no money left in the coffers.  It seems blatant that there is another agenda and the talk of the Global Reset or global economic collapse is self-evident.  More on the

Many professionals have spoken out, some at risk of their jobs or have already retired from their jobs; the division that is borne out is down to propaganda, brainwashing and more.  The similarity we all share, as with any “division” among the people is that we CARE and LOVE our family, friends and neighbours.  This LOVE has to carry us through this sinister period.  If I think differently from you, it doesn’t mean I CARE any less than you and vice versa.

But there is a difference, people use the terms awake, sheep, sheeple, muzzles etc., these are not helpful terms; however I would suggest that the term “awake” is more helpful because we – arguably calling ourselves the awakened – have realised the extent of the propaganda and brainwashing that is apparent in our society today and for at least the last 30-50 years.  Knowing this can lead to a myriad of frustrations as we attempt to show others how they have been misled but their ability to want to see this is compromised by cognitive dissonance; like saying – well we know the government has handled this “crisis” badly for example, so we turn on the government for protection.  The government keeps pushing the idea of a vax from early on, so people believe that the minute they get this experimental treatment (note, these are still clinical trials, due to last until January 2023 and EVERYONE has to some degree or other experienced adverse side effects) life will go back to “normal” or “no one will get sick from the virus” again.  Neither of which have been borne out.

Instead we are now looking at a type of medical apartheid where we need to prove our immunity or vaxed status before we can enter any public place and in some European countries this is now happening.

This is for an illness that has a average survival rate of 99.7 percent.

If you don’t understand that the management of this “thing” is out of proportion to the “thing” itself I am sorry because you are still clearly watching mainstream news, believing everything you hear and in denial of the truth.  It’s one thing to then say “oh, that’s your truth”, or “that’s your opinion”, or “you’re a domestic terrorist”, “conspiracy theorist” – in fact that’s such an easy thing to say, and then people walk away because to them, it doesn’t make sense due to being so immersed in what the mainstream says.  But you need to open up your mind, watch credible professionals talk about what they believe is going on; do you really think that anyone under the age 60 needs to get a vax, when their immune systems in general are younger, healthier and they are overall more fit (there are exceptions, I accept that – but the vx still does not stop transmission – this is widely publicised) they do not need one! Especially children – with a vax programme that is increasing year in, year out, are not even at risk of the disease!  And with bringing vaxes into school, this is utterly unethical but has also been going on for many a year.

The different variants are politically driven; given the nature of global technology, we can chat to a person in India and they to us in the UK.  We apparently have an Indian variant (so people will now drop dead in the streets of the UK??  But pictures of a gas leak from May 2020 were used to drive this agenda, thus misleading) and apparently India have a UK variant.   Indeed Mike Yeadon himself explains that all “variants” of this illness are typically 99.97 percent identical to the original variant.  Still believe what you’re being told?

And this is nothing compared with the climate change agenda that many of us have been suckered into, believing it is for the good of the planet when it is nothing of the sort; you’ve been mis-sold! It is a depopulation agenda, a reduction in carbon dioxide (carbon neutral / neutralised) and of course plants and vegetation require carbon dioxide as a life force, just as we require oxygen.  Reduce pollution by all means, but driverless electric cars?  Electric batteries are far less green than people are being led to believe but that’s a whole other story.  Research it for yourself; use as google is censoring all searches….. strange?

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