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Episode #5 Elaine Godley talks to Kate about her move to Portugal and her recovery from Stage IV Cancer:

From superbusiness woman to cancer survivor; leading organisations and teams, Elaine now works tirelessly to help others access perfect health, improve their immune system, and to remind others that good health can be theirs. She offers a full assessment with regards to bloods, personality and hair analysis to assist people. This all-round system has been shown to benefit many. In these times a healthy functioning immune system is seemingly more important than ever!

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Episode #4 – Tony Royle, former airline captain talks about health, the current “guidance” regarding medication and injection and risk assesments.  He is happy to discuss the situation – contact Kate here and she will put you in touch.

Episode #3Julie Ulbricht from Simple Ayurveda an Ayurvedic Practitioner also dealing with Family Consellations.  Julie talks about her experiences of the current situation and how she feels about some of the non scientific assumptions that are being expressed but also how she can help people with their overall health and in turn the impact that our psychological selves have on the whole being.  You can contact Julie here. She works face to face from Ditchling, Hammersmith and online.  Julie also mentions a study carried out by the Children’s Health Defense discussing whether vaccinated or unvaccinated children are healthier:

Our video is here. Simple Ayurveda

Episode #2 Drew Ryder, a Transformation Coach based in Spain.  Drew focuses on the whole person and how he can help them transform their lives for the better; from a holistic perspective focussing on the psychological ways of moving forwards and also with the right supplements for your body.  You can contact Drew here. Drew works both face to face from Murcia and also online. Our video is here. [or you can click on the picture]


Episode #1 – Dave Coffey, who calls himself “The Imperfect Individual” (link to his youtube).  Click the image below to view.

The Imperfect Individual

Here’s a video helping you with misinformation, using government statistics to support the theory

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Other Videos

Dr. Peter McCullough lays down the scamdemic and intuits the forces behind it. (16 min 36 seconds)

Tony Royle talks about how mathematics was used to deceive the masses when bringing in the lockdown scenario in the UK.

Michelle Fielding talks to Jackie White from PLG – questions with inspirations

Lorie Ladd – Break free from fear