In other news… can you trust the media?

This video illustrates that actors are being used to coerce the general public into getting vaccinated.

is one example of crisis actors being used to illustrate that they wish they had been jabbed due to the “dreadful” illness they have encountered.

As I have said previously I am not discounting that people have been ill, nor that hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed but there’s a staggering amount of information out there illustrating empty hospitals during the lockdown last year, hospitals are generally overwhelmed every year (years of underfunding, and now months of funding for inadequate and unreliable tests and PPE acquired through various chumocracies, together with staff off self-isolating due to positive test results).

Quite apart from the fact that the virus was never isolated, it consists of a computer generated genomic sequence from Wuhan from an “infected” patient, plus was the “virus” was patented in 2015? Have a look here.  If the virus was “naturally occuring” it’s not possible to patent it.  But of course dispute this. Basically everywhere you go, if you search for a simple piece of information, there are two sides.  One says it is true and another say it is false.  Which then renders any search for the subject of covid or vaccination very one-sided unless you know where to search.

“The spike protein is a depopulation weapon. The “vaccine” is a Soylent Green-style extermination / suicide shot that has been repackaged as “medicine.” The “pandemic” was media hysteria whipped up to create panic and widespread demand for the vaccine so that people wouldn’t resist the extermination shots.”  from

Lastly here is the latest on the Pandemic Podcast – Dan Astin Gregory interviews Reiner Fuellmich. Click here for the full video (just under an hour).

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