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In the grand scheme of news unfolding, Prof Peter McCullough believes that the vaccines are driving the new variants, which is what the “Conspiracy Theorists” were pointing out some years ago.  Diana Lenska reported last year that the “pandemics” and the eradication of coronaviruses was never going to end – naturally a scenario debunked by the mainstream.  But we can observe this playing out today with the advent of booster jabs and new variants.

You can watch Peter McCullough’s video here, it was part of a much longer zoom session but here, compressed into 29 minutes:

Undertaker John O’Looney from London (but originally from Cork) expresses his dismay to Lindia Naughton from the Irish Inquiry at how the “crisis” was visibly manipulated by the government and how he observes the vaccine roll out is causing the death tolls to rise.  The video is an hour long, you can watch it here:

As more and more stories emerge to highlight the difficult scenario we all unwittingly find ourselves in, it is becoming more and more apparent that we all need to work together and stand together, witnessing the events play out.  There are many people who have been adversely affected by the vaccine rollout – some because they see their loved ones getting sicker from illnesses they already had, or acquiring illnesses they didn’t have; the mainstream refrain is often that the vaccine is causing one’s immune system to fight off a lesser illness from the one it is supposed to prevent; the other version of events is that the illness is at best mild and for some both damaging and death causing – but with the survival rate at 99.8% this is disputable.  See earlier posts on how many *actual* infections of the illness were reported last year. [or click the link, go to P14 and see how many actual notifiable infections are reported – it comes to 13874].  For others there is mention of “long covid” which is – as defined by medical and health specialists, pretty much identical to any post viral fatigue syndrom.  Personally I have first hand experience of that when I contracted pleurisy some 20+ years ago.  Taking a vaccine which can never be eradicated from my body?  It is suggested there were 25 deaths from the swine flu vaccine, which also resulted in Guillain Barre syndrome, heart issues and more, and the vaccine was pulled.  Over 1600 deaths in the UK thus far (only 1-10% being reported) and still the rollout continues.  YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAY NO MORE!

Some suggest that a vaccine transfers long term immunity but as the current roll out has shown, there is no less transmission nor infection afforded.  Which then gives rise to the virus debate.  Are viruses transmissable or not? Tom Barnett and other virologists say not, others say they are.  Yet the HIV virus was only found to be transmissible through injection.  Are the government scientists playing with our ignorance again?

The fact does remain though that control (through behavioural and psychological manipulation and brainwashing through our mainstream media) is at an all time high.  Remaining calm whilst we watch loved ones succomb to the pressures – both societal and governmental – is bittersweet and difficult.  Whilst we attempt to illustrate to others the extent of the control we are derided, ignored and ridiculed along with insults from those whom we love the most and are trying – vainly – to protect; we are thus seen as arrogant in our desire to help others. And so I was inspired to write these thoughts down as a mini poem – in order to make sense of how I’m feeling this sunny day, Saturday 4 September 2021.

Are you afraid to die?
Are you afraid of mind control?
Can you see through the lies
The damage caused by human intervention
Never more so apparent than now
Can you see through the lies?
Is the sun still the same?
The clouds and the fog
Is it my mind or is it the weather?

Do I have the right to choose?
Can you bask in the knowing
That things are not as they seem?
Can you relax, meditate, stay calm
When all around you is crumbling
Through fear … through mind control
We must arise and say NO!

Do we help others arise?
Can we help them?
Are they lost?
Can they awaken in time?
Have they chosen their path?
Are we truly divided or can we stand together?

We must stand firm
We must stay strong
Yet invisible, lest they come for us
We must arise and fight
But the fight is internal within us
As we face losing our friends and family
We must not let the fear overrule, dictate
Resist the tyranny, accept the insults
Rise above it and stay in our truths
We must stay in peace, in calm
Connecting ourselves through love

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