COVID in Dogs and Cats

For those of you who are on this website and have dogs or cats and are feeling potentially ostracised by those who follow the mainstream narrative, this page here can help mythbust those rumours.

Let’s not forget that the coronavirus is part of the cold / flu family and cats can get get flu and dogs can also get ill but the whole hype around covid needs to be researched in depth.  What the kennel club suggest is that the “pandemic” is a result of human-to-human transmission and there is no evidence of dog to human transmission. The alleged animal source of virus remains under investigation.  And even that is subject to resesarch that suggests a virus is something *inside of you* rather than an infectious transmission.  For more information look up Tom Barnett, Tom Cowan, Gerard Kauffman et al.

Research suggests that people with Covid-19 can sometimes infect their pets, but this appears to be a rare occurrence. Studies are underway to help us better understand how the infection spreads in animals.  So as you can see more research is required but we need to lose the fear and get on with our lives.  Agenda 30 (look that up too) is all about us relinquishing our pets so that the desire of net carbon zero can be achieved.  Ask yourself what that means!


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