Communications on both sides?

As we move into another potential “winter of discontent” although I see the world as potentially divided into three there are areas of discussion to be held on all sides.  It’s not good enough to say:

  1. there’s a spreading virus
  2. it’s killing people
  3. we need a vaccination.

We know that deaths last year were average with a spike in April / May.  We can speculate that after months of research, people were shipped back into care homes and midazolam / the Liverpool Pathway was potentially used to despatch people.  We know also that tests were used to justify keeping the narrative going, people dying of what they normally would (sadly) die of but now labelled as Covid.

We now know the chances of surviving this “illness” are 99.4-8% depending on age, frailty and underlying health conditions.  The average age of a covid death is 82.

We also know that deaths attributed to this illness – and many other previously preventable illnesses are going up – and the difference this year is that the vaccination was introduced to the population with an absolute efficacy rate of less than 2%.  All this information is readily sourced on the internet.  People are getting sicker with cancer, heart issues and other flu / cold symptoms despite being double jabbed.  So the booster programme is introduced – with the idea of getting a booster shot every 5/6 months or so.  At what point do the people start to realise that their health has now become a profitable commodity?

In some countries you cannot go anywhere without a “health pass” which is a violation of privacy.  Many people can’t take the jab because of health reasons, others won’t take it because they trust their immune system – the antibodies are deemed to be superior from acquiring an illness compared to being jabbed.

We do need a conversation about the jabbing programme, which is what 8 doctors and scientists have done and you can watch here.

Also we need to know why the powers that be are suppressing valuable and effective treatments such as ivermectin – strangely an antiparasitic drug but it is very cheap.  And who wants to negate the huge profits generated by vaccination by substituting a cheap drug?

Maybe also we can look at the numbers regarding the risks and benefits of vaccination? Check this link out.

If the world is divided into “threes” perhaps these are the divisions:

  1. people who completely believe the narrative, are happy to get all boosters going, wear masks pretty much 24/7 except perhaps at home
  2. people who believe there are some holes in the narrative but go along with it all to keep the peace. They tend to read mainstream news which arguably backs up their reasons to stay within the narrative but flout it when it suits them. They’re not 100% sure about the numbers but they don’t want to lose their friends.
  3. people who believe that this is a complete hoax and have research at their fingertips to back it up.

Maybe some people don’t realise that people at top levels of government are potentially being killed because they went against the narrative?  The last individual to be killed was Tory MP David Amess who was killed in a “knife attack” recently in his constituency; claimed to be some 25 year old.  But he was anti lockdown, anti mask mandates and more:


Anti mask mandates

anti-vaccine passports

and a Big Pharma critic 

Also why did several African Prime Ministers suddenly die of varying causes, all refusing to implement various practices over the “illness”?  See here (from 21m 39s).

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