Cognitive Dissonance

What is cognitive dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance is the feeling one gets when trying to hold two conflicting perspectives at the same time.

The most pertinent example at the moment is that your government (and global governments) are telling you that there is a dangerous and highly infectious illness going round the world and we need to wear masks to protect others and get vaccinated to protect ourselves and others.  The generally accepted global viewpoint is that there are tests (PCR and lateral flow) that determine whether or not we are “positive” for the illness and whether we need to isolate to protect ourselves and others.  If we are positive there is no way of knowing whether we are infectious and can pass the illness on hence the “safety measures”.  Scientists employed by governments reinforce these ideas and go along with this narrative.

On another note there are other scientists, often silenced, who hold that the PCR tests show up anything in anyone (to cite the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, d. 08.19) and whether the lateral flow tests do likewise, I have yet to look into that in great depth but will in due course if the audience demands it.  So if they show up anything in anyone, the false positives or negatives aren’t going to be very helpful.

In addition testing was not done at the outset of this illness so we cannot be sure of the actual diagnosis.  We are aware that monies were paid to health staff to put the diagnosis on someone’s death certificate, yet we cannot know beyond reasonable doubt that the actual deaths were down to that one illness or down to other underlying causes.

If there is a highly infectious illness going round the world, why did the UK government seek to downgrade it on March 19th?   Here we have our first hand example of cognitive dissonance.  People will not understand this *plus* it is in plain view.

The fear that people were going to somehow self combust, die, kill their elderly relatives probably didn’t quite sink in to start with, but luckily the government had a plan up their sleeves to increase the fear through psychological manipulation and NLP practices contained within their minutes of 22 March.

Fortunately for “many people” this worked a treat; but it didn’t work particularly well on those who felt that something wasn’t quite right.  Again, more cognitive dissonance; those who believed through this manipulation that there was a dreadful disease going around and others.  Some attacked others for not complying and some “shopped” their neighbours for not staying indoors.

Moving swiftly forward, the government denied initially that masks were helpful in “stopping the spread” (if there even was a spread) and then when masks were “introduced” in June 2020 there was practically no virus present and masks were redundant. But because the government had succeeded earlier in promoting fear from the disease, people now believed that masks were the right thing to do.

Any scientist denying this (who wasn’t paid by government to promote the agenda) was denounced by the mainstream.  More cognitive dissonance; simply because government scientists were promoting the use of masks rather than other scientists – censored by the mainstream – who were pointing out and proving beyond reasonable doubt – that masks are utterly ineffective against a virus that has the tiniest particles that would infiltrate masks with ease.  You would need a hazmat suit to protect you!  There’s enough research out there but if you’re completely propaganda-d out by our government and the mainstream media you won’t look at a different perspective – or will you?  But will you believe it?  From a government you don’t trust?

But people are walking around fairly normally, with these ineffective masks because they are complying with our government.  Your compliance is damaging our children’s future.

Yet the majority mistrust the government but suddenly believe them when they believe health is at stake?  Surely they’d have all dropped dead by now.

We can see that nothing makes sense; we argue pointlessly with each other; people believe they need a vaxx to combat this invisible illness with has a survival rate of 99.7%, the vax has actually killed approximately 8 people daily (2-5% mortality).  But people won’t READ historical scientific data because they have been conditioned to accept advice from a government they don’t TRUST.  But the government, yes our government is being manipulated by other unseen forces.  But again, you won’t believe me, will you. Check out Operation Lockstep and Agenda 30.  Do some research and stop believing what the mainstream is telling you – you know it doesn’t make any sense!  Of course you search those items you’ll get “it’s a conspiracy”!! Why do they want you to believe it’s a conspiracy? Instead of blindly believing it’s a conspiracy see how the dots join up and see where the money trail goes.  Open your mind, consider every single angle.  Don’t let our future be dragged down through compliance to authority for the sake of it.  Start your own new world!

Tell me, where is this cognitive dissonance again?

Either there is a deadly disease going round (with a low mortality rate) or there isn’t.

Long covid is another name for post viral fatigue; if you have a depressed immune system and you experience a nasty infection it can leave you ill for months.  But if your body has been depleted by endless medication, a sick immune system *and* countless vaccinations it is possible you may too, suffer.  Having had pleurisy in my mid 30s I do understand…

The most tragic thing is not so much those who have died with this “disease” is not really knowing exactly what they died of – but there we have it again, cognitive dissonance.  Either there is a deadly disease going round or there isn’t.  Either masks are effective or they’re not.  Either vaxxs are effective or they’re not (it is held that they don’t stop transmission anyway).

And if all this is accepted as true, how come millions of people marched for Freedom in March, April, May etc who were unvaxxed, unmasked etc., and not one of them got the *vrs*?

What are your conclusions?  Holding two perspectives and not knowing which is true?  Maybe decide the perspective you want to hold and see if that bears out with research and with the advent of agenda 30?

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