Codeword V

They’re all getting it, that thing.  Why are they getting that thing?

When on earth did we have such a rush to get v-d for an illness that has a 99.7% survival rate?  Average age of death from c-v-d is 82, when the average age of death generally is 81.

Why is there a select number of people researching this and as a result refusing to take it until at least the trials are done (January 2023) and then criticised by others for not getting it?

Why is it that friends and family seem to want to ask their friends and family fairly early on in the conversation “have you had your jb yet?” Since when was asking about your medical status the main topic of conversation – have we lost the art? Are their no other topics? (I have an immune system, God asked me not to take it)

The biggest concern I have is how many people normally mistrust the government but when it comes to “health” advice seem to trust them almost blindly to the point of being utterly hypnotised into calling anyone who disputes the suggestions a conspiracy theorist? Laughing at those who suggest (crazily) that masks don’t work?

If your neighbour popped round to ask you for money would you blindly give it without asking? You might perhaps if your neighbour had no money or was hungry, you’d probably look out for them. But just giving money? But that’s what we do regularly with our government. And what are the taxes used for?

Why do people blindly trust their doctor for advice – is it because they have a title or a string of letters after their name? Do they truly understand how your body works or do they treat you like a mechanical robot with a problem that needs fixing? Some doctors are more enlightened than others, granted – but you know your body better than they do. See the Dr Stanley Milgram experiment on obedience to authority. Also see this social conformity experiment where everyone copies each other despite not knowing why.

But you will still accept that the government and the doctors’ know best with an experimental jb, the likes of which previously has failed in trials and killed animals in the process.  This jb has the highest number of adverse reactions that anyone has ever known (here’s a video of Dr Bhakdi exclaiming his own concerns).  And the doctor gets paid £12.58 per jb.

Here’s a website talking about jbs

What we have been dealing with all along is a “casedemic” not a “pandemic”.  In the beginning people were being labelled as “cv-d deaths” (hospitals were paid extra to put c-v-d-19 on the death certificate) when there were few, if any tests available.  The test they did start to use was one in which the amplification was so high it could detect absolutely anything; people were dying of what they normally died of with a new label of c-v-d-19 slapped onto their actual reason of death, which was anything from heart disease to alzheimers to a car crash.  Tests were starting to be used more widely as time went on, giving the government the excuse to invite people to self-isolate (thus depleting hospital staff along the way).

But how many people still cannot see this?  Because the government propaganda through their main medium of the BBC was ironically *pandemic*.  People began protesting, going to stands in the park as a way of connecting with other like minded folk perhaps for their sanity’s sake, feeling outcast and lonely in their original friendship groups and family; joining rallies such as March 20, April 24, May 15 and May 29th in London and around the country.  Numbers increasing each time and yet very little coverage from the BBC.  Over a million were present on May 29th but the BBC will show the part where there was a scuffle which had more to do with the overbearing police (who are OUR servants and take an Oath to serve the Queen, not the government).

Empty hospitals have been filmed and yet the BBC will take pains to report on a very full hospital.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that there appear to be multiple truths at large so why aren’t people searching for the actual truth by getting out there, mixing with other people, checking out real scientific research instead of running blindly for the first medical intervention which is rife with complications, adverse reactions and is extremely novel with its “spike protein” and (divisive) talk of shedding?  So this may mean the unvaxxed may experience complications being in the mere presence of a vaxxed? Are we all DOOMED?!!

We must not keep seeking to divide, we need to enlighten and educate.  But when we are utterly brainwashed and hypnotised by the mainstream media it is so difficult to penetrate that veil.  Which then leads to insults on both parts; “anti vaxer” they cry!! (most people who do not tolerate vxs from my understanding are critical thinkers, have either experienced vax damage or have a child damaged by vx); in addition vx manufacturers cannot be held liable for damage, and previously millions have been paid out in lawsuits by vx manufacturers.  Yet you criticise this and you are labelled, if you are a doctor they silence you, strike you off the register and worse still, bump you off (Brandy Vaughn from [Brandy saw the corruption from the inside when she sold a drug (VIOXX) that was literally killing thousands of people] – although it is often labelled suicide).

Why is TRUTH labelled as propaganda and conspiratorial, and LIES labelled as “truth”?  Try inverting everything you have ever learned (food pyramid is another example) and you will have many more truths.  Why can’t more people see this?

Why – if doctors KNOW that MMR causes autism (yes, I have heard this second hand) but say nothing? They fear losing their careers and pensions; when initially they simply signed up to the profession because they care but then get caught up in the scientific dogma funded by the Rockefellers.  So we accept they know best (when they are peddling a lie) and perpetuate the MYTH that vxs save lies.  If you say otherwise you are a naughty antivaxer.  Dissolving Illusions is a book worth reading, but you try and search on google for the authors and of course they are called “wrong”.  Censorship everywhere you go! Yet people are harmed in the process of any medical intervention – you simply need to choose which damage you prefer in the name of health.  There are of course, many instances of lives being saved but there are many instances where the interventions keep you sick.

We need to open up the discussions on both sides but lose the dogma, lose the censorship and really have an honest open discussion about this – now is the time for the Great Awakening.

Check dogma.  Start listening to your instincts, open up the discussions.  Read Dissolving Illusions, The Falsification of Science / History, read Corona Virus False Alarm.  Read Judy Mikovitz The Plague of Corruption.  Stop blindly trusting the government and the BBC brainwashing; do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and then come and tell me you what you truly believe.

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