An Alien Lands on Planet Earth

It is the year 2020 and this alien has been watching earth for some time, seeing divides rising and falling between people, people hurting others and observing that some, with more power and material wealth than others seem to hold some sort of dominion over their people.

The month of March was a conflicting one – a supposed illness is running rife over the world (that happens all the time – diabetics, people with heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, right?) and suddenly these powerful people known as “governments” are closing down society.  This is obviously going to decimate society, the alien notes.  People will die due to lack of medical attention, unwillingness to seek medical attention; people will rise against each other as they project their fears against one another; people falling off buildings, dropping dead in the streets.  What on earth has got into them?

The very air that humans breathe is being challenged.  Friendships and families are divided because a “power” has decreed we all stay at home and lock ourselves down.  Some are allowed out, we can exit for exercise and work reasons, we can visit shops to buy food.

As the months go by it is clear that there is a pathway for these powerful people to continue the takeover.

Many years ago, a man named Louis Pasteur was looking into germ theory and this was counterbalanced with germ theory – apparently he hushed that part up and locked it away – after all, no money to be made there.

Briefly vaccinations were invented based on germ theory aiming to render people “immune” to killer diseases…. Yet others were watching and saw that many illnesses started to disappear due to better sanitation and access to healthy food.  But this wasn’t the promotion that the powerful wanted as this meant they did not stand to gain.  The masses were fooled into thinking that mass immunisation led to major killer diseases being wiped out yet history states otherwise; it is perfectly possible to research this.  If one can be bothered.  Many people have grown up trusting the narrative and that their doctor – in a white coat back then – was to be utterly trusted – and yes, many doctors were to be trusted but not all.  If the doctor says take that pill, they take it.

Some may remember the scandal of thalidomide –a drug taken for morning sickness.  The result was that many babies in the late 50s / early 60s were born without limbs and was an absolute scandal.  There was the scandal of VIOXX, a painkiller which was given to people with rheumatoid arthritis which led to many premature deaths and arguably gave rise to heart problems and alzheimers.  Some people are still waiting for a claim to be settled years later.  The numbers of vaccine adverse reactions and subsequent payouts by big firms such as Pfizer, Moderna and MERCK are easily researched online but not available via any mainstream outlet. I wonder why that is?

Mike Yeadon: “There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.”

“And the powerful people know this, but the populous are now so bought into the powerful people’s narrative they no longer believe something that is not “mainstream” as it were.”

Millions of adverse reactions and lawsuits paid out to the masses are ignored and overlooked unless they have first-hand or even second hand experience of a vaccine damaged person.

We see that the whole episode of this illness has moved towards a total takeover of society – economically, mentally and physically, with a grand push towards an experimental vaccine.

But if one dares to question and research vaccinations, the mainstream populous – well indoctrinated by the powerful, including the medical fraternity who are taught according to the agenda – one is labelled an anti-vaxxer.  And if one dares research Covid and discover that it is, in fact, a complete hoax, one is labelled a “denier”.  This division of humans is devastating humanity.

Someone posts up about genetically modified DNA as a result of the vaccine; another posts up about how people believe there will be microchips in the vaccine….. people laugh at this, how can people be so stupid as to believe this rubbish?

Similar how can those believe that vaccines save lives when this historically has not been found to be true?   People blindly trust the medical and pharmaceutical environment that is getting wealthier by the minute, they have no idea what is in the vaccine and yet they believe it is in their society’s interests to inject their body with matter that has been known to contain monkey kidney cells, aborted foetal tissue in a cocktail of formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium.  It is justified by suggesting it is such a minute quantity it cannot possibly harm.  Yet it has been suggested that those who took a flu vaccine in 2020 then tested positive for a virus – and even the tests have been shown to be false – either positive or negative, and it has yet to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that this positive virus test actually leads to illness.

Swathes of medical staff have been told to self-isolate due to a positive test so we are now lacking medical staff to treat people.

As the chaos abounds some people are standing up and saying this isn’t right, our mainstream media is delivering constant fearmongering propaganda so they can push the vaccine onto unwitting, unaware folk and this is fundamentally wrong.

It should be an unalienable right that people should be able to make their own decisions as to vaccinate or not, but they do not have the correct and complete information at their disposal.  The fact that they don’t even ask for it or question it is also fundamentally wrong but it is due to centuries of brainwashing.

Whilst we lose our health, wealth and freedom WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STAND UP AND FIGHT?

And the answer is that many won’t, because they are not aware.  Our duty is to help them when the great forces collide and they no longer have a choice.  They will be traumatised, they will be fearful.  Like anyone who has been in an abusive situation, the desire to trust will be compromised but they will want to reach out to anyone who understands.


So … question:

This is a dreadful illness, right?

Oh yes, it’s a real killer, it has killed over 70000 people in the last year!

That’s strange, as I saw in the statistics that it’s only about 13000 last year?

Really?  I’m not sure I believe that.

Well yes, take a look?

The mainstream media claims more than 100,000 Brits have died “with” COVID-19.

But official government data proves only 13,871 people were actually infected by the disease in the whole of 2020.
Analysis of data for statutory notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDS) in England and Wales in 2020.
P14 of these:

Is it really about an illness?

Oh yes, I know someone who was a healthy person in their 60s who died from it.

Oh dear, are there many like him?

Well there are a few, but mostly it’s people who are in their later stages of life and with pre-existing conditions.

Strange that flu seems to have disappeared?

Oh well that’s probably because the flu vaccine is more effective this year.

Is it true that many people who received the flu vaccine tested positive for COVID?

Oh I’m not sure about that – I’d really have to check the statistics. Anyway, what is the point of this conversation? COVID is real and it kills.

But you haven’t really answered my question.  I am trying to understand why everyone is going around wearing masks and hopping to one side whenever they spy another human.

Well the government has told us that this is a really dangerous disease, and until we get herd immunity from the vaccination we need to be careful in case we transmit the virus to another human being.

I thought that we achieved herd immunity through contracting a similar virus which then weakened its transmission?  And terrain theory holds that viruses are contained within us, i.e. it is our toxic environment – bodily and externally – that contributes to an illness and the virus is our body’s way of getting rid of the toxins?

Oh no, herd immunity is only achieved through vaccination.

Right – so it’s back the medical history then.  Maybe you can double check that vaccination really did eradicate smallpox?  And wasn’t there a mass vaccination program that took place in Africa that rendered the female population infertile?

I don’t know about that, but it can’t be right.

So what about the increase in alzheimers sufferers (known to be affected by ingestion of aluminium if you read your history books), ADD, ADHD, autism together with other auto immune disorders such as ME?  These have been on the increase over the last 50 years.

Oh, that’s just a conspiracy theory.

What about the suggestion that microchips are going to be put into vaccinations?

Again, ha ha, another conspiracy theory.

Perhaps you would like to research that further to completely eradicate this crazy idea and tell me what the exact ingredients are of each vaccine?  I’ve heard that there is a list of the following ingredients in the Astra Zeneca version – One dose (0.5 ml):

COVID-19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1-S* recombinant) 5 × 10^10 viral particles (vp)
*Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike (S) glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells.
This product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate
Polysorbate 80
Sodium chloride
Disodium edetate dehydrate
Water for injections

It should not be taken if one has had an allergic reaction in the past, the side effects are in the main gastro-intestinal; the “spike protein” is a way of mimicking the virus.  It has been said that if one takes the vaccine, one still has to self-isolate and wear a mask and others have said if that vaccinated individual comes into contact with someone carrying the virus there is a possibility of a “cytokine storm” which is where your immune system attacks itself.  I also heard that this is licensed for emergency use only, it’s in trial until 2023 and the manufacturers have no indemnity?

And whilst you’re there, what about the “conspiracy theory” idea that vaccines can moderate your DNA?  After all the CRISPR theory, which has been around for over 50 years has set about trying to alter human genetic code for years to help eradicate genetic abnormalities.  As I don’t know much about it perhaps you can explain further?

Oh that’s all just a load of crap, scientists have been working on vaccinations of this nature for years.

Yes but the maximum efficacy of a flu vaccine has – at its best – been 50% – it is in the history books, it’s easy to research now that you have computers.  How can this “Big Pharma” suggest that this brand new vaccine with limited testing, be effective at eradicating COVID-19, a disease which has never been isolated, proven to even exist and still has a survival rate of 99.8%?

Well it is our duty to look after society.  Anyway, look at that science clip I sent you to prove that the test has been shown to isolate bits of the virus.

I saw that, it still didn’t make any sense to me, the simple alien.

How much do the big pharma companies make per vaccine?
How much do doctors make for giving the vaccine?
How much is the BBC bribed to push out this agenda?
Where will it all end?  I read something about Agenda 21… what is that?

People seem to be dying for many other reasons but because of the tyrannical regime that the “global governance” has inflicted upon us all.

Missed operations
Untreated cancers
Heart Disease
Murders due to domestic abuse

I challenge you to disagree that Covid 19 is another name for flu / pneumonia.

Oh that’s all conspiracy theory stuff!

But you’ve not given me one reason why I need to believe this is all for the best?  Can’t you all just be nice to each other and accept our differences?

I wonder why a questioning alien might end up even more confused?

Take a look here:

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