Am I a conspiracy theorist? What does that make you?

Something wasn’t right
Declaration CV19 not a HCID 19 March :

Lockdown 23 March
One day walking normally
Next day leaping aside fellow citizens
Avoiding “exposure”
Pretending we’re all sick
Munchausens by Proxy (look it up)
We’ll only get “back to normal” when we have a vax
Hospitals empty, hospitals full, people filming :

People snitching “no social distancing!” “seeing friends” “groups of more than 6”
Death to flu – where did flu go last year?
Stats confusing – this is easier:
Fearmongering HIGH
Minutes of Gov March 22 “we must increase fear!”

Normality – when we have a vax
Everyone’s saying it
Cases and deaths diminish
Now we wear masks!
No science backs up lockdowns
No science backs up masks
No science backs up social distancing (except the CIA)
Yet people believe this
It’s all over the mainstream news
Fact checkers employed to remove those naysayers

Covid denier they call them! Covid doesn’t exist they say!
An illness it was
But the symptoms vary person to person
No flu
No really, no flu
How can this be
Covid is REAL they say! I know someone who was very ill – we all know people who were ill between late 2019 / 2020; but testing wasn’t apparent initially, when testing was available, it shows anything in anyone. Testing does not guarantee you have this virus; This doesn’t mean I don’t care, I’ve been very ill myself in the past with multiple episodes of bronchitis and then flu, followed by pleurisy whilst looking after young children. Of course I care deeply but I care more that the population is being misled and walking into a dystopian nightmare of vax ids, social monitoring, driverless cars, collapse of the economy, global poverty, lack of any pension due to it’s worthlessness, separated from friends and family, vulnerable to abuse, inability to have elective operations also leading an untimely demise.
I know of some friends who know nurses who say on ground level they are inundated
I know people who’ve filmed empty hospitals – who is telling the truth?
Take them to court! They must be silenced!
Doctors speaking out, losing their jobs – Nurses afraid to speak out, ask questions (Jenna the nurse, walking around every major city inviting nurses to question what is going on)
Doctors speaking out, they are censored
They do not further the narrative
Retired doctors who have nothing to lose, are speaking out
Conspiracy theorists they say!
Run away, they are clearly deranged!
How does that make critical thinkers feel I wonder?
Don’t say “awake” for that divides
Don’t say sheep or sheeple, that’s insulting
Something’s not right.
Survival rate of 99.7% but they want to vax us all (adverse reactions – kills off between 2-5% reported currently)
Adverse reactions are in the hundreds of thousands globally
But that gets overlooked
And only 1-10% of all adverse reactions get reported :
It’s your immune system working hard they say
But your immune system has spike protein from some virus coursing round your body, now
No one tells you about the real adverse reactions; the heart failure, problems shaking, dizziness, digestive issues… that is of course just your body working overtime to help your immune system
You had covid? I’m sorry, so sorry… but how do you know it was covid? The tests don’t work.
The tests detect any virus in anyone especially with the numbers of amplification cycles. 80% false positives; the false negatives you say?

Change the subject. She’s a conspiracy theorist, what does she know.
Change the subject, he’s talking bull

They don’t care about the sufferings of others.

How do you know?

How do you reconcile yourself to the fact that an intelligent person who researches outside of mainstream clearly DOESN’T CARE? That doesn’t stack up.  The two aren’t mutually exclusive are they?

We meet people, they are reflections of ourselves….. What I say is what you feel – but you don’t want to accept it as it means damning so much of what you know; you think it’s denying the suffering but that is not so, not so at all. Why spend years of my life training to help people to then suddenly not give a damn about others health?  I perceive you as not listening to me, closing your ears, closing the veil between us. You probably see the same, what I say doesn’t make sense to you – it doesn’t tally with what you’ve been taught all your life.

You know it doesn’t make sense.

You are a sheep. I’m a conspiracy theorist. How does shaming our thoughts and attitudes help us get along? Divide and conquer, as *they* want. Not helping. Wait a minute, you say *I* don’t care? Why would I suddenly not care about sharing statistics and information that clearly show you are possibly walking into a very early grave, or one where you are simply not well – or less healthy than you were before, dependent on allopathic medical treatments as a result of “accepted” treatments that have caused other side effects?

No Jab no job! This contravenes the Nuremberg code.
Nurses unable to work unless they get jabbed.
Musicians unable to play unless they get jabbed.

Speak out! Find out what is in the vax, find out the side effects, research … research … research… your doctors aren’t giving you the full picture – yet they are under oath but also on a payroll, they don’t want to lose their jobs! Don’t blindly trust them just because they are a doctor or in a white jacket. Research the social conformity experiment – people just wanting to be the “same” as their friends! Don’t just do it because of your friends, your desired holiday abroad, your job…. You have absolutely NO IDEA what might be around the corner – death due to wild virus exposure like the animals in the trials? You are the experiment!

Did you realise all the animals died in the vax trials? Did your vax pusher tell you that? No? Then you were not under informed consent.  Were you informed about the ingredients?  Didn’t need to know?  REALLY?Graphene oxide, aborted foetal tissue, monkey adenovirus, adjuvants inc aluminium, mercury, formaldehyde – not much of course, so the accumulated amounts of these over the years doesn’t concern you? Have you not wondered why more and more people are experiencing autoimmune disease, alzheimers is on the rise, autism too…. still if you don’t question, you’ll never know.  Ignorance – really, that’s bliss is it? The adverse reactions are in the hundreds of thousands now, previously vaxes have been pulled when 25 people died from adverse reactions as with the swine flu vax.

Did they advise that this vax is in trials until 2023? Pfizer – till Jan 23, AZ until Nov 23. You are part of an experiment. The vax is unlicensed, meaning it’s licensed for emergency use only.

Define an emergency. People were not dying in their thousands as you have been led to believe. The statistics prove this if you take the time to research.

People are worried about long covid. I can tell you a thing of two about post viral fatigue syndrome, which is what it is. People’s bodies are depleted with endless vaxes; real history can tell you this but it’s censored and you can’t find it unless you know where to look. But they call these the “anti vaxers” further increasing the divide among those who take everything on board the govt or mainstream media says and those who do independent research. They do not have your best interests at heart.

Diseases were being eradicated before vaxes, clean water and hygiene gave rise to better health. Good nutrition (turn that food pyramid upside down) will give you better health. Whatever you read in mainstream literature is inverted. Good health is yours if you know where to look. You have an immune system that God gave you.  Trust it and eat and drink cleanly.

And you really think I don’t care?

You unfriend me, block me, call me stupid, you cease to talk to me, converse with me. Should I do the same for you? How do you think I feel? How do I think you feel? I know you’ve entirely misunderstood what I’m trying to say. Why is that? Why not look at yourself, your beliefs, your critical functioning brain and ask yourself what is REALLY going on and take on board something of what people like me –  inviting you to seek out the reality of the situation through critical thinking? I care so deeply you perhaps don’t realise; it upsets me greatly that you would think otherwise of me.  I must shut up though, this is my voice, my inner child who doesn’t want to be silenced but I fear that silence may well be my best friend as I witness social carnage, which hurts me beyond measure.  I don’t want my loved ones to die prematurely just as I feel the need to do my job to help others; pointless if you silence me too….

I didn’t have a voice in childhood, I was told to keep quiet, told I was a nuisance, told I gave as good as I got as a 5/6/7 year old, not be different, not bother about that now, denied feelings such as hunger. Holding my emotions and feelings in so much it hurt, unable to release my pain because of how I knew I’d be received.  Perhaps you now see me as a nuisance all over, replaying my childhood wounds.

This has led to an even greater desire to help others see the truth of the situation… to little or no avail…. People locked in their belief systems that the government cares, the medical health profession is always right (many are, but many are also misguided by the system – all go into the profession wanting to help people with healthy motives but then are unable to question narratives). Doctors who know that the MMR jab causes autism having to stay quiet in case they lose their jobs like Andrew Wakefield who was scapegoated (but of course, his funding was unethical so we can denounce everything he said – chuck the baby out with the bathwater). Dr Jayne Donegan, medic turned homeopath, threatened and called an anti-vaxer. Anyone who speaks against the narrative is a denier, an anti vaxer, a conspiracy theorist – why not take the time, just once, to hear what they have to say? You too may eventually realise you’ve been conned your whole life, it’s too great a leap, so you stay in cognitive dissonance.

Why are trained medical staff and scientists being censored? Why are mainstream doctors and scientists not questioning what they are taught? Why are other mainstream doctors breaking rank and turning to naturopathy and other forms of natural medicine? Why are we set in the believe that “vaxes work” when clearly the adverse reactions payouts run into the billions? Whey are vax manufacturers now exempt from any indemnity? How does the government assess whether your adverse reaction has led to a disability thus entitling you to a payout of up to £120,000? How can you prove anything?  Why have doctors set up a webside

Why are more and more people attending stand in the parks every Sunday? Why are freedom rallies around the world getting bigger, 2m at the last London rally?  Why was an 11 year old child sent home from school because she attended a freedom rally with a parent? What do they expect a parent to do, abandon their child at home?

Why are people made to wear masks when a virus is such a microscopic particle it can get through any mask? If this were a real pandemic people would be dropping dead in the streets, surely?  Plenty of scientific research to suggest that masks do absolutely nothing but indicate “conformity”, just what the governments want.

Why aren’t more of you questioning this daft reality where if you’re jabbed you now *can’t* go on holiday?

Why are you asking for your freedom back when you are already free? The government doesn’t own you, it serves you. As it is now operating a chumocracy with dodgy deals and less than acceptable behaviour (Hancock was deliberately thrown to the wolves over his mock or possibly real affair – who honestly knows, and frankly I don’t care) surely they must expect riots ? When are you going to start your own “new world” and simply stop complying?  When are you going to stop praying for the return of normality and start your own new world with your friends and companions? Why wait for a corrupt government, that serves its people, to tell you when you can have a good time?

Why are people continuing to accept the idea of getting tested when the tests show nothing in terms of a specific virus, which has never been isolated, just symptoms of a virus that may or may not lead to any illness? Do I now pretend I have diarrhoea?

Why don’t people realise that we all carry viruses in us all the time from the moment we are born, it doesn’t mean we have an illness and they don’t mean we can transmit that virus? Then people get injected with gene therapy and now permanently have that virus – whatever it actually is – permeating their entire body?

Why don’t people understand that the police are there to SERVE US not the government corporation? We all by default stand under common law which states “first do no harm”; not the statute law you have been misled into following; our government is harming us all, as are global governments. Your doctor takes a Hippocratic oath but is not actually following it due to injecting us with an experiment and not permitting informed consent. Your lack of questioning may lead to an untimely demise, since ALL THE ANIMALS DIED in the trials when exposed to a live virus. Expect deaths this autumn / winter… but the thing is WE DON’T KNOW what is going to happen because they are experimenting on us!

It is time to stop complying en-masse!

Check out excess deaths in previous years – not once did we lockdown our country, our world. You must understand that all of this has its roots in the and a desire to reset the global economy.

Once flipped, we can never return.

Perhaps this too, is a conspiracy theory:

And this is without mentioning the thousands of children that go missing every year, the satanic rituals that take place globally by mainstream politicians, religious figures, performers and more.  But hey, that’s just another conspiracy, right?  The survivors live among us and they are starting to have a voice.

And this is also without mentioning the “conspiracy” about the climate change activism; teachers are funded by the globalists support climate change; the independent researchers will tell you that our climate is constantly changing, it has nothing to do with CO2; the sun governs the temperature of the earth, but HAARP technology is attempting to cool the sun and reduce CO2.  Reducing CO2 will obviously kill off vegetation and most animal life! We are actually heading towards an ice age.  Again do some independent research to blow your mind out of what you are taught and out of cognitive dissonance before it’s too late.  I’ll be saying the earth is flat next….


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