"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer

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Awakening Counselling

Awakening Counselling

Perhaps you have been impacted by the events of the past year and have experienced a major shake up of everything that you held to be true. Allow me to hold your hand and help to guide you into a more conscious way of being with your friends, relatives and relationships.

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Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation

Sometimes we just need time out; time out to reflect, to let go and just be. Try some mindful hypnotic meditation to help give your heart, body and soul a mindspa.

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Solution focussed hypnotherapy can help you with so many issues, including sleep problems, anxiety, behavioural issues. We aim to get to the heart of the issue through talking and then help you release from what is bothering you and help you relax into the present moment.

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Carl Rogers said it best as, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” When we like ourselves and who we are, change begins to happen. Self confidence breeds self awareness which gives us the confidence to do new things.


Perhaps you’ve been affected, like so many, with the events of the past year; mental health challenges, relationship breakups, bereavement, cancelled elective operations that would normally have extended an individual’s life and much more.  Not to mention the daily challenges with jobs, finances, constant changing of goal posts that seem to make no sense whatsoever; whether you can drink in a pub, outside a pub, with a meal, without a meal, before 10pm, after 10pm; whether you want to take the “treatment” that is licensed for emergency use only and is in “trials” until January 2023; how many people actually died solely of the illness, whether they died as a result of the illness, had life threatening conditions that led to their demise but had the “illness” put on their death certificate when it wasn’t the primary cause; endless tests to prove you are ill when you are well yet prior to that it was only “test if you have symptoms”.

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With a strong desire to help humankind I trained in various methodologies so that I could safely serve fellow human beings but the spiritual side of myself was always there in the background urging me on.

Hence this website; to promote connection among those who see through the veil of deceit, to showcase what others can offer – especially in the realm of therapy [click the link for interviews] and to find a safe space to share ideas going forward into the “new world”;  designing what we want from this world rather than allowing ourselves to be dictated to.

Are you looking for answers? Trying to understand the world and what is actually going on?

Are you experiencing sleepless nights, anxiety and difficult relationships with your loved ones who just aren’t seeing what you now see? Perhaps nothing feels quite as you thought it was.

Perhaps you’re just wondering when life is going to get back to “normal?”

With my experience, knowledge and education, together with my sensitivity, spirituality and intuitive nature my aim is to create a safe space.

Enter the treasure trove of discovery, finding YOUR inner peace and freedom from tyranny.

I work intuitively with clients, drawing on my own experience and education to accord a safe space for you.

Perhaps your mind is on a fast spin cycle, ruminating about things that have happened or experiencing anxiety that just won’t let up? Or relationship(s) are feeling challenged and stretching you to breaking point. Perhaps life at work has become unbearable and you just want a return to “normal” (whatever normal is).  Maybe you are finding it difficult to sleep, and when you do, the dreams are ever more vivid.

Face to face and video sessions are available.

I use Zoom, VSee [click to download] or FaceTime depending on your technical equipment. Zoom and VSee are both very easy, you simply click a link to join. Please ensure you have a working camera and headphones, and that you’re in a safe, private space where you will not be disturbed.

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